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About Us

section at the top left of this screen.

DBI's new

: SUPER Internet :
.  DBI World .

which will be an easily accessible

First of a Kind and Only One of a Kind

Secure World Wide interactive Database

For any and all CLOUD COMPUTING anywhere in the whole World

DBI is a database that can be accessed directly from the Internet by interested and authorized persons surfing the Internet and then be updated or enjoyed in a manner that is guaranteed to be Super Fast and guaranteed secure - unlike the current "old" Internet and will forever be without hackers and viruses!

Here's to DBI and all the new beginnings and possibitilies DBI will bring to all in the world!



Internet's new Utopia will soon be going live, and DBI originates from South Africa!


DBI also shares all profits generated from all over the world among the members of the exclusive club of DBI Founder Members. Contact us if you are interested in becoming a DBI Founder Member whilst the opportunity is still available for Angel Investors!


Once DBI gets going the problems people are currently experiencing with facebook and other Internet problems will never happen again!


DBI guarantees your privacy and security!


NOBODY will ever be able to get at your data without your knowledge and approval where approval is required. You will also have a record of the actual person who accessed your data - for a period of up to 100 years!


Your data will be guaranteed 100% safe with DBI!


It is envisaged that our DBI system will be the initiator to the largest database in the world using the largest and most powerful computers in the world providing the following guaranteed secure services to every Government, Business, Institution, Profession as well as to the man in the street after positively identifying the person, for a Dollar-a-day:

01 - Homeland security for all countries,
02 - electronic control of all passports and visas issued all over the world,
03 - interactive world wide "Yellow Pages",
04 - world wide reservations at hotels, Bed-and-Breakfasts, self catering resorts, conference centres, airlines, railways, space travel,
05 - shopping from home,
06 - home entertainment,
07 - home based education,
08 - access to any reference material,
09 - one up-to-date population register for every country and Government of that country in the world,
10 - patient medical history distribution to all doctors and hospitals in the world,
11 - any manufacturing and assembly,
12 - all aspects of all types of mining operations,
13 - earth resources and the depletion thereof
14 - earth and deep space exploration,
15 - research and development,
16 - records of earth resources and the depletion thereof,
17 - world weather and possible Tsunami's,
18 - placing of orders world wide,
19 - access to any digitally stored resources,
20 - secure electronic banking,
21 - gambling,
22 - auctions,
23 - TV programs distribution,
24 - electronic newspaper articles distribution,
25 - home movie and video music distribution,
26 - providing a world wide network for conglomerate corporate companies and institutions whereby they can monitor and control their distributed operations at a reduced cost,
27 - world wide telephone voice and image distribution, direct and secure electronic mail,
28 - DISASTER MANAGEMENT anywhere in the world, and
29 - etc. etc. etc. etc. etc..................!!!

The above list goes on and on and on ------------ indefinitely.


DBI extends an invitation to MicroSoft and Windows to join up with DBI!

DBI will be opening up a whole new market place for you!




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Copyright by Database International PTY Ltd.